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#SOTHRIVE with Tiffany Hendra was created and is produced by Omni Visual Media for My Wellness by Nature, producing and distributing original broadcast television productions airing around the globe for over 30 years on many television, cable and streaming networks.


A large part of the ongoing omni visual program line up are “Home and Lifestyle TV,” and “My Wellness by Nature” airing in various markets in the US, and now #SOTHRIVE with Tiffany Hendra with expectations of international distribution.

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Omni Visual Media is a full-service national brand agency and production company for 35+ successful years, working with some of the largest international brands such as American Airlines, New Balance, Marriott, Hilton, Pedigree, Lego, NFL Football Brands to name only a few.


The combined experience of brand exposure and film and television production have made Omni and My Wellness by Nature a media powerhouse for viewer engagement. Omni producers work with some of the most well-known film and television names from Suzanne Somers and Janine Turner to Robert DeNiro and now Tiffany Hendra.


My Wellness by Nature is a national television, social media and online platform engaging audiences with a community of the “BEST of the BEST” scientists, doctors and wellness professionals teaching “the Art of Better Living” through original posts, articles and videos. Original television series are also produced including #SOTHRIVE with Tiffany Hendra and “Ask Dr DeSilva.”


Home & Lifestyle TV is THE destination to find the best local businesses, food, experiences and more.  You’ll also find an amazing collection of expert knowledge that can improve your lifestyle and wellness- including fun DIY projects, healthy living tips, fun travel destinations, delicious food and so much more!

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