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Watch Season 1 Episode 1 Here!


Television personality, fashion model, women's motivation guru and popular social media influencer TIFFANY HENDRA shows her viewers the art of better living in her ALL NEW Television series “#SOTHRIVE with Tiffany Hendra.”


Previous Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas cast member, Tiffany Hendra  helps her “thrive tribe” viewers discover the art of better living through first-hand stories, adventures and experiences in a style never-before experienced on any screen.


Tiffany’s realistic, often-times wild and infectious delivery is why her followers love living vicariously through her spontaneous and usually hilarious adventures.

#SOTHRIVE with Tiffany Hendra is the ultimate motivational wellness guide helping viewers become “THRIVERS” in ways that only she can - with a giant dose of honesty and humor. 



The Art of Better Living

Motivated by a moment that changed her life forever, Tiffany is on a mission to help the world THRIVE naturally. 


Tiffany Hendra seeks out better ways to live, eat and experience life through interviews and adventures with the most highly respected Doctors and Wellness Experts in the world.

Powerful, Insightful &

Ridiculously Entertaining

"Tiffany’s infectiously raw, humorous and truthful personality is why we partnered with her on this most important series. Her astonishing life experiences coupled with knowledge drawn from the best medical professionals around the country is why people are following #SOTHRIVE."

OmniVisual Media Producers

Always an Adventure

Recently, the #SOTHRIVE production crew filmed “the Belize Joy Journey” original series at a private wellness resort in Belize to document “experiential therapy.” Many life-altering ancient Mayan and tropical adventures were documented for the purpose of learning to adapt to a post-covid lifestyle. Tiffany explores how the world is overcoming fear, making better food choices, finding joy in the small things, exploring mindfulness & spirituality and so much more!
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